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What Is Electric Concrete Pump

Nov 09, 2021

The electric concrete pump is the most common concrete pump. It has no independent mobility and can be towed by a vehicle. Compared with the concrete pump truck and the truck-mounted concrete pump, the trailer pump is small and flexible, and of low investment cost, and simpler maintenance.

The trailer line pump is composed of power system, pumping system, cooling system, lubrication system, cleaning system, hydraulic system and electronic control system. When working, the concrete is discharged into the hopper, and the hydraulic system is driven by the power system to make the main oil cylinder reciprocates under the action of hydraulic oil, and the concrete is continuously sucked into the input pipe through the piston to achieve the purpose of pumping.

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The concrete pump trailer can be used for pumping various fluid materials such as gypsum, mortar, concrete, etc., and are widely used in construction of houses, roads, bridges, and tunnels. For different construction environments and requirements, there are electric and diesel concrete pump.

The electric concrete pump needs the electricity to start. It requires 380V industrial electricity. It its power supply is 30 kw, a single 16-flat copper wire or 25-flat aluminum wire is required to connect to electricity within 50 meters, and a 25-flat copper wire or 35-flat aluminum wire for a distance of more than 50 meters. In addition, if the main motor 45kw uses a single 25-square copper wire, it is generally recommended not to use aluminum wire.

The diesel concrete pump is equipped with a 52KW diesel engine, which is directly powered by the diesel engine without the need to connect to the electricity. It is not affected by the electric factors of the construction site, and the power output is accurate.

Haomei concrete pump uses high-quality raw materials. Whether it is the frame, shell or other parts, we have adopted many effective measures to ensure the stability of the pump body, thus reducing the use of noise, and ensure that it can operate in various harsh environments such as hot temperature.

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