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How to Choose A Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Dec 06, 2019

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Generally Speaking, concrete mixing plants are divided into stationary concrete mixing plant and mobile concrete batch plant. Most of the stationary concrete plant is of modular design and easy to install.

It is of wide application, mainly used for large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers or concrete component manufacturers, featuring strong production capacity and stable working performance. So it is a choice of many people.

How to choose a suitable stationary concrete batching plant? There are five points for your reference.

1. The Concrete Properties. It is a basis of choosing concrete mixer. For hydraulic engineering, the compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer is a necessary. In addition, the batching station and storage bin should be selected according to the type of concrete material.

concrete for construction.jpg2. The task amount of concrete and its construction period: These two indexes are used to select how large concrete mix plant you can choose. For example, if the task amount is M, the concrete pouring days are T, the working hours per day is H, and the utilization factor is K, then the concrete batch plant you can choose is:X=M/(T*H*K), where K is 0.7- 0.9.

The transportation of the concrete also should be in the selection such as using concrete mixer truck or concrete pump truck. The volume of the transport vehicle is also an important basis for determining the model of the stationary concrete batching plant.

3. Construction environment and construction objects. There are three situations and our suggestion.

1) When the construction site needs a large amount of one-time pouring of high quality concrete and there is no other concrete batching plant nearby, it is best to choose two batching plants with smaller specifications or choose one main and one pair.

2) When the construction site is not inconvenient for the maintenance personnel to enter and leave, you had better choose a stationary concrete plant with two same concrete mixers of small specifications or prepare enough spare parts to ensure smooth construction progress.

3) When the construction site is scattered, but the distance between the construction sites is not too far, the conveying radius of the concrete mixer truck is not more than half an hour, and the dump truck transport is no more than 10 minutes, it is best to realize centralized production of concrete, thus improving the utilization rate of mixing plant and the construction economic benefits.

HZS25 stationary batching plant.jpg4. The quality of operator. Generally speaking, the structure of small concrete batch plant is simple and the control system is also relatively simple, its requirements for the operator is not high.

However, the large concrete mix plant is of complex structure and high automation, so the requirements for the operators are also very high. Therefore, you should also consider this factor when purchasing a mixing station.

5. The preparation options. We have complete solution for your concrete production like specification, quantity, variety,etc. If you have special requirements, we will try our best to satisfy your requirements.

In one word, don't believe that the bigger, the better. Don’t pursue the best, but the proper one for your construction site, which realize the optimization of economic benefits.

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