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The Kinds and Characteristics of Concrete Mixer Pump

Nov 14, 2019

concrete mixer with pump machine.jpgThe concrete mixer pump is first produced by Chinese manufacturer, which is designed for rural construction. According to the mixing system, it can be divided into drum type mixing pump and compulsory mixing pump.

According to the power system, it can be divided into electrical concrete mixing pump and diesel concrete mixer pump. Considering rural power load situation, diesel concrete mixer pump is more convenient.

Overall, concrete mixer with pump machine is an ideal choice for small or narrow construction sites. It has the following advantages:

  • A perfect combination of mixing and pumping, saving time and trouble.

  • Labor saving and less labor intensity

  • Small power, more suitable for rural power grids.

  • Simple operation and convenient transition.

  • The double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system can transport conventional large aggregate or gravel concrete with stable performance, safety and reliability.

1573721036481718.jpgCertainly, any machine can not be perfect.Concrete mixer pump trailer factory also has its own limits. First,the size and slump of the concrete aggregate to meet the pumping requirements. In addition, the pumping of dry hard concrete is a little difficult. When the temperature is very low, it is not easy to work.

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