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How to Choose Fuel Oil for Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Mar 19, 2020

For hot mixer asphalt plant, the fuel oil should be of moderate viscosity, good combustion performance, high heating value, good atomization performance, complete combustion, little carbon deposits and ash, small corrosion to the burner parts.

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Fuel oil is divided into light oil and heavy oil according to different viscosity grades. Light oil does not need to be heated to obtain a good atomizing effect. Heavy oil is generally prepared from cracked heavy oil, vacuum heavy oil, atmospheric heavy oil or wax oil in different proportions.

The cracked heavy oil has larger viscosity and relative density than the vacuum heavy oil and atmospheric heavy oi , and contains larger solid impurities. They are easy to precipitate and block pipelines and fuel preheaters, and are not easy to burn. So the heavy oil with less proportion of the cracked heavy oil is better.

Before heavy oil or residue oil is used, the oil must be heated to ensure that the viscosity of the oil is within the allowable range of the hot asphalt plant burner. The operator can use a viscometer to measure the results and find the best fuel heating temperature.

After using heavy oil or residual oil for a period of time, check and adjust the burner. A combustion gas analyzer can be used to determine whether the fuel is fully burned. At the same time, check the drying drum and dust collector to see if there is oil mist or smell to avoid fire and oil pollution. The oil deposits on the atomizer will increase with the deterioration of the oil, so it should be cleaned regularly. As an asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, Haomei like to share with you more on asphalt plant.

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