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How to Maintain The Burner of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mar 25, 2020

As a professional mobile asphalt plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has seven tips for our customers to maintain the burner.

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1. Pressure regulating valve. Regularly check the the fuel pressure regulating valve or pressure reducing valve to ensure whether the surface of the lock nut on the adjustable bolt is clean and removable. If the surface of the screw or nut is too dirty or rusted, the regulating valve needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Oil pump. Regularly check the oil pump of mobile asphalt mixing plant to ensure whether the sealing device is intact and whether the internal pressure is stable. Replace the damaged or leaking sealing device.

3. The filter installed between the oil tank and the oil pump must be cleaned regularly. And check if the filter is of excessive wear, which can ensure that the fuel smoothly reaches the oil pump from the oil tank and reduce the possibility of component failure.

4. Check the pressure device to see if the required pressure is generated in the burner, clean all filters on the supply line and check whether the line is leaking.

5. Check whether the inlet protection device on the blower is properly installed and whether the fan casing is in good condition.

6. The fuel injection nozzle of mobile asphalt plant should be cleaned regularly.

7. Check the flame detector regularly to see if the position is installed correctly and the temperature is appropriate. An improper position and too high temperature will cause the unstable photoelectric signal or even the the work failure of the whole burner.

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