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What Is The Structure of mobile asphalt mixing plant

Apr 10, 2020

The small asphalt plant is mainly used for the mass production of asphalt for roads or bridges. It is usually stationary, but mobile construction can also be carried out according to actual needs.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant is an equipment that integrates cold material system, drying drum, asphalt mixer, dust collector,etc. on a whole frame. It can be towed to any places by a truck. It is of compact structure, lighter weight, less land occupancy and quick movement compared with the stationary asphalt plant.

What does the mobile asphalt plant consist of? There are four main parts: cold material supply system, drying system, mixing tower and dust removing system.


Cold Material Supply System

  • Four sets of cold storage bins and feeding belt conveyors are integrated into one frame.

  • Semi-hanging structure

  • There are support legs in working condition

Drying System

  • The drying drum and burner are integrated into a single frame, with a semi-hanging structure.

  • Independent support legs are given in working condition.

  • The drying drum adopts a counter-current design, and there is a thermal insulation layer outside the drum.

  • The drying drum discharge port is equipped with a temperature measuring device to monitor the discharge temperature in real time.

Mixing Tower

  • Under the transport condition, the vibrating screen is lifted to the platform.

  • It is of high-rise design to meet the direct material receiving and transportation of the transportation vehicle.

  • It is of twin shaft mixer.

Dust Removal System of Portable Asphalt Plant

  • Dust filter bags, fans and pipes,etc are integrated into one frame.

  • The fan damper is electrically controlled. According to the demand of air supply, there is a computer to adjust the opening size of the damper automatically.

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