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How to Use Fuel Oil in Small Portable Asphalt Plant Correctly

Nov 19, 2020

The proper temperature of asphalt and aggregate has direct effect on the final quality of asphalt mixture. The correct use of fuel oil is an important circle to ensure the temperature rise to the needed level. How to use fuel oil in small portable asphalt plant correctly?

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The fuel oil is divided into light oil and heavy oil according to different viscosity grades. Light oil does not need to be heated to obtain good atomization effect. Before heavy oil or residual oil is used, the oil must be heated to ensure that the viscosity of the oil is within the allowable range of the burner.

The operator can use a viscometer to measure the results and find the best fuel heating temperature. The residual oil sample should be sent to the laboratory in advance to test its calorific value.

After using heavy oil or residual oil for a period of time, check and adjust the burner of the small asphalt plant. The combustion gas analyzer can be used to determine whether the fuel is fully burned, and at the same time check the drying drum and the bag filter to see if there is oil mist or oil smell to avoid fire and oil clogging. The accumulation of oil on the atomizer will increase with the deterioration of the oil, so it should be cleaned regularly.

When residual oil is used, the position of the oil outlet of the oil storage tank should be about 50cm higher than the bottom to prevent the water and debris deposited at the bottom of the oil tank from entering the fuel pipeline.

Before the fuel enters the burner, it must be filtered with a 40-mesh filter. An oil pressure gauge is installed on both sides of the filter to ensure that the filter works well. Once the filter is found to be blocked, it can be cleaned in time.

In addition, after the work is over, the burner switch should be turned off first, and then the heavy oil heating. The oil circuit valve should be switched when the mobile asphalt plant is stopped for a long time or in cold weather, and the oil circuit should be cleaned with light oil, otherwise it will cause the oil circuit to be blocked or difficult to ignite.

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