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How to Lay Pipes of Concrete Mixing Pump

Sep 28, 2020

The higher the floor, the higher the concrete pumping requirements during construction. Because the pipe layout is prone to problems. Now we’d lilk to tell you some tips on how to make the concrete mixing pump pump to the upper floors.

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The preparation of the piping and the use requirements of the conveying pipe:

1. Pay attention to safety in areas where the wall thickness of piping wears quickly. For 125A high-pressure pipes, during high-pressure construction, the limit of the wall thickness of the pipes near the pump outlet is 4mm, and the wall thickness of the pipe connecting the end hose at the irrigation site cannot be less than 3.5mm.

2. Under the premise of ensuring smooth pumping and normal delivery, the distance should be shortened as much as possible, and bends should be reduced to lessen the delivery resistance.

3. The end hose should be placed vertically. When it must be placed horizontally, the hose must not be bent.

4. The high-pressure and low-pressure delivery pipes must not be mixed, and high-pressure pumps must use high-pressure pipes.

5. Do not use the damaged, cracked or thin pipings.

The principle of laying pipes for high-rise buildings:

1. The conveying pipe should be ultra-high pressure conveying pipe. Currently there are 8mm, 9mm, 12mm and other specifications, which are connected by flange head.

2. If possible, the concrete pipe fixing device can be equipped with a shock absorber. We can first embed the high-strength steel plate on the wall, and the U-ring is welded to the steel plate, and then pipes are fixed firmly with the concrete pipe fixing device.

3. Two sets of hydraulic shut-off valves are used, one set is installed at the outlet end of the pump 6~10m, and the other set is installed on the second floor to prevent the concrete from flowing back in the vertical pipeline for maintenance, repair and washing.

4. The ratio of the length of the horizontal pipe to the vertical pipe should be about 4:1. When the length of the horizontal pipe cannot be satisfied, an appropriate horizontal pipe can be added between the floors.

5. Each conveying pipe is fixed firmly with two concrete pipe fixing devices at a distance of 500mm from both ends to prevent the pipe from loosening due to vibration.

6. The horizontal-vertical elbows are fixed by cement support and fixed with concrete pipe fixing devices at both ends.

7. Brackets should be installed at the position of vertical pipes for the furture maintenance once there is pipe blockage.

After knowing these knowledge, we also must have a clear idea of the vertical conveying distance of the concrete mixer machine with pump,otherwise, the distance is too high to pump concrete. Haomei concrete mixer pump machine can transport up to 100 meters vertically.

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