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The Effect of Concrete Quality on the Choice of Stationary Concrete Plant

Dec 20, 2019

Stationary concrete plant is widely used for medium and big construction sites like high-speed rail, dam, bridge, airport, etc. Different projects’ requirements for the concrete are not same. This will ask the configuration of the stationary concrete batching plant to make change at the same time.

HZS60 wet concrete plant.jpgThe concrete for high-speed rail has high requirements for the accuracy of each material, therefore the stationary concrete plant must adopt individual measurement. Haomei HZS 60 stationary concrete batch plant not only adopts individual measurement, but also equips its aggregate bins with two funnels.

When the aggregate is approaching the setting amount, only one funnel will be left to let the aggregate flow through, which contributes to more accurate control of each concrete material’s amount.

Commercial concrete plant is used to produce ordinary commercial concrete. It belongs to the most common concrete mixing plant and has the widest application range.

The concrete aggregate size of the hydro power dam is relatively large and this kind of the concrete requires more aggregates. The impact of large blocks on the concrete mixer is very large, so its requirements for the concrete mixer functions is very high. Haomei has twin shaft concrete mixer and planetary concrete mixer for you to choose from.

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