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Stationary Concrete Plant VS Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Dec 23, 2019

With a new round of global infrastructure construction, the concrete batch plant market welcomes new opportunities. There are stationary concrete plant and portable concrete batch plant. Which should you choose? Let’s first see their application and characteristics.

Stationary Concrete Plant

6.jpgStationary concrete plant is mainly used for mass production of concrete. Generally, it can be divided into a commercial concrete plant and industrial concrete plant. The capacity of stationary concrete batching plant is usually large, ranging from 25 m3/h to 180 m3/h.

The equipment configuration of the concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of the main structure, mixer, batching machine, cement warehouse, weighing system, electrical system, pneumatic system, aggregate lifting system, control room, etc. At the same time, the mixing station is equipped with a mixer truck, a concrete pump and other equipment.

Although the system is more complicated, the working ability and coordination ability of stationary batching plant are very good.

Portable Concrete Batch Plant

2.jpgPortable batch plant for sale generally has two purposes: one is to carry out temporary production for specific production and own use; the other is to rent it because it has good mobility.

It is usually used for temporary works, long project distance, high-speed railway stations and some places where construction space is insufficient.

Batching plant portable has the following characteristics:

1. Flexible movement and easy disassembly. Because its structure is much simpler than that of stationary concrete plant.

2. Convenient and fast transportation: The main body of the mobile mixing station adopts a trailer chassis structure design,which is easy to pull and transport once.

3. Quick installation. The installation of a new portable concrete batch plant usually takes one day.

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