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The Technology Level of Concrete Mixing Transport Truck in China

Dec 12, 2019

The developing history of Chinese concrete mixing transport trucks can be divided into four stages.

4.JPGFrom 1949 to the mid 1970s, in the construction of concrete sites, the main tool used with the mixer is a trolley. Production efficiency is extremely low and labor intensity is very high.

The development of the concrete mixer truck in China began in 1966. The vehicle uses an 8t truck as the chassis and a mixing tank capacity of 5.7m3. It is the first self-designed mixing transport truck in China, which filled the domestic gap and began mass production in 1969.

In the early 1980s, the influx of a large number of the foreign concrete mixer trucks forced domestic concrete truck manufacturers to make improvement. They cooperated with the foreign concrete mixer truck companies to meet the present need.


At present, the concrete mixer trucks are already relatively mature products in China with a complete range of models. The concrete mixer trucks for sale covers the popular capacities like 3 yard,4 yard, 5 yard and 10 yard. Some large concrete mixer truck can reach 20 yard.

Many concrete truck manufacturers like Sany and Haomei has made many innovations based on the technology introduction and digestion. Some of their certain manufacturing process has reached world-leading levels.

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