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What Should You Notice When Use A Concrete Mixer Pump

Feb 24, 2020

With the popularization of the concrete mixer pump, the concrete quality and pouring effect in rural areas has been greatly improved. For construction safety, what should the operator notice when pump the concrete

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1. Pumpability of Concrete

During the pumping process, the pumped concrete should meet the pumping requirements of the concrete. In some cases, the mixing ratio of the pumped concrete should be determined through the pumping trial.

2. Pumping Sequence

During the pumping process, after starting the concrete pump, pump an appropriate amount of water. After wetting the parts of the concrete pump that are in direct contact with the concrete, use one of the following three methods to lubricate the above Parts:

  • Pumping cement slurry

  • Pumping 1: 2 cement mortar

  • Pumping concrete except for coarse aggregate

3. Pumping Speed

When start pumping, the concrete mixer machine with pump should run at a slow and uniform speed and then gradually accelerate. At the same time, At the same time, observe the pressure of the concrete pump and the working conditions of the various systems. If they are in normal state, the concrete can be pumped at normal speed.

In addition, it should be carried out as continuously as possible during the pumping, so that the concrete piston can run in a complete loop and make the concrete cylinder wear uniform.

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