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How Far Does A Trailer Line Pump Reach?

Mar 02, 2020

Small trailer concrete pump is a kind of trailer line pump. Haomei trailer line pump is safe and reliable and its conveying lines is of light weight and easy to disassemble. Multiple washing methods are available for the pipes such as high pressure water washing.

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As a concrete pumping equipment, how far a small trailer concrete pump can reach directly affects the construction choice of the builder, so this is very important. Haomei concrete trailer pump can transport 100 meters vertically and 300 meters horizontally.

Why can Haomei trailer pump transport such long distance? That is because of superior configuration:

1. High-efficiency hydraulic system adopts new high-speed commutation method, which improves the pump commutation efficiency by 12%.

2. Large displacement pumping system. The suction efficiency is increased by 6%, which can meet the needs of various working conditions.

3. The main cylinder adopts patented waterproof sealing technology, which effectively prevents water from entering the hydraulic system and prevents hydraulic oil from emulsifying.

4. Advanced S pipe valve system is of good sealing performance. It is also economical, durable and easy to replace.

Compared with large concrete machines, the trailer pump for sale with small body and wheels can go anywhere no matter how marrow it is. At the same time, it has higher efficiency than manual concrete construction. It is a good equipment for the rural construction professionals to expand business.

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