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self loading mixer truck

Self Loading Mixer Truck
Apr 29, 2021

Haomei self loading mixer truck can automatically feed, measure, mix and discharge concrete mixture by itself. One operator can drive it to any place where it needs. See more details here.

Why Not Choose self loading mixer truck
Dec 23, 2020

Why do more and more people like to choose self loading mixer truck? It provides a better solution for the mountainous and urban construction. Learn more.

Self Mixing Concrete Truck: Saving Construction Budget
Dec 23, 2020

How to save budget for your construction projects? Self mixing concrete truck will be a good choice. Learn more.

How to Operate a Self Mixing Concrete Truck in Rainy Days
Feb 05, 2020

When operating a self mixing concrete truck in rainy days, it is important to know how to use wipe lever correctly. We introduce some tips for you to safely drive self loading mixer truck.

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