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Small Concrete Mixer for Sale

Nov 10, 2020

The small concrete mixer for sale can be generally divided into twin-shaft mixer and single-shaft mixer. What are their differences?


Production efficiency

The smallest model of twin shaft concrete mixer is JS500 concrete mixer. The discharging volume is 500L. The single-shaft concrete mixer only has two molds: JDC350 and JDC500, of which the concrete output is 350L and 500L.

Application scope

Production efficiency determines their application scope. The twin shaft concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small construction projects. It can be used as a mixing host of concrete mixing plant or can be used alone. The single shaft concrete mixer is more suitable for small and medium construction sites and concrete prefabrication plants.

Transmission system

The transmission system of the single-shaft mixer is a chain structure, while the system of the double-shaft mixer is a sliding gear and a V-belt structure. Such a structure does not make much noise during the rotation, and the sliding gear structure also has a protective function. It is relatively safe and convenient.

Structural details

There is a mixing shaft in the mixing drum of the single-shaft mixer, and mixing blades are distributed on the mixing shaft; there are two mixing shafts of the same size in the mixing drum of the double-shaft mixer, and mixing blades are evenly distributed on the two shafts. Due to the difference in structure, the mixing effect of double shaft mixer has better mixing performance and efficiency.

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