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52m Concrete Pump VS Concrete Mixer with Pump

Mar 12, 2020

52m concrete pump can pumping the concrete to the height of 52 meter with its own boom. Concrete mixer with pump belongs to trailer line pump but with mixing function. Both of them have their respective advantages. Do you Like to know?

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1. Mobility

The concrete pump truck can pump concrete to a certain height, which makes up for the shortage of other concrete pumps. Since it is equipped with a car chassis, it is convenient to move and of quick installation.

The movement of concrete mixer with pump only can depends on the towing of the truck. In addition, it also needs a lot of time to lay pipes before pumping.

2. Different Structures

Concrete boom pump integrates pumping, pouring and driving, really achieving mechanized construction. The whole machine is installed on the chassis of the car. It has flexible movement and reasonable structure design. With small land occupancy, it is very suitable for narrow construction sites.

The concrete mixer with pump has only two functions of concrete mixing and conveying, without a car chassis drive. However, its land occupancy is not large, either.

3. Different Application Scope

With advanced design and higher efficiency, concrete pump long boom is suitable for small and medium projects, especially for those scattered construction sites.

Concrete mixer machine with pump is very suitable for the rural construction such as water conservancy and hydropower projects, especially small ones.

As a concrete pump manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has both these two kinds. If you don’t know which one to choose, feel free to contact us. We will give you the best solution.

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