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How to Avoid Abrasion Of Concrete Boom Pump Truck Tires?

Mar 11, 2020

Concrete boom pump truck tires will inevitably wear out after long-term use. So how do we avoid the wear of concrete pump truck tires?

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1. Correctly select and install the tires of construction equipment and match the corresponding inner tube according to the tire specifications. If this is not possible, the same specifications, models and tires should be assembled on the same shaft.

When the operator replace old tires, the whole vehicle or coaxial tires should be replaced. The new tire should be installed on the front wheel and the refurbished tires are not allowed to be used on the front wheels.

2. When the driver enters the construction sites, he or she should develop good taxi parking habits. During the running of the vehicle, friction and deformation of the tire generate heat, which increases the temperature and pressure inside the tire. So when it stopped, the driver should find a flat, clean, oil-free ground for parking.

3. Regularly change the tires of the mini concrete pump truck. After a period of time, the front and rear wheels of the concrete pump truck have different fatigue and wear levels, and should be replaced in time according to regulations.

There are two ways to change tires: cross tire change and cycle tire change. The first method is suitable for vehicles traveling on sloped roads, and the second method is suitable for vehicles traveling on flat roads. For the concrete boom pump for sale, we also need to pay attention to its tire quality.

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