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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant V Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Mar 23, 2020

There are two common types of asphalt drum mix plant and asphalt batch mix plant. Each has its own pros and cons. What do you know about them? Let’s have a look.

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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant for Sale

Its advantages:

1. The cold aggregate is dried in a countercurrent heating method in the drying drum. The heat energy is fully made use of.

2. The gradation of the heated mineral material and the ratio of the mineral material to the asphalt can reach a fairly accurate level.It is also easy to change the mineral material gradation and the asphalt-mineral ratio at any time according to the needs.

3. With accurate weighing, the asphalt quality is very good.

Its disadvantage:

It is of complicated equipment, long process flow, large construction investment, difficult relocation, and high requirements for the dust removal device, which makes the investment in the dust removal device account for 30% to 40% of the total equipment cost.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

The cold aggregate continuously enters the front of the mixing drum, which is is dried and heated by the co-current heating method. At the rear of the drum, it is mixed with the dynamically measured and continuously sprayed hot asphalt. Then we get the asphalt concrete.

Its pros:

  • Compared with the batch type hot mix plant, the drying and mixing is completed int the same drum, greatly simplifying the process.

  • It is of simple structure, so its manufacturing and operation cost is relatively lower.

  • The dust is difficult to escape when the asphalt concrete is mixed, and it is easy to meet environmental protection standards.

Its cons:

Because the aggregates are heated in a co-current manner, the utilization of thermal energy is low, and the water content of the mixed asphalt concrete is large and the temperature is low. The asphalt quality is much lower than that produced by batch type hot mix plant, so it is only suitable for those low-grade roads.

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