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800 Ton Soil Mixing Plant

Jul 26, 2021

The soil mixing plant is a special production equipment that mix materials of different grades such as gravel, cement and water at a fixed location according to the construction ratio, featuring high grading accuracy, good mixing uniformity and automatic control. It can better ensure the quality of stabilized soil, so it is widely used in the construction of the base of railways, highways and urban roads.

Its main equipment includes: frame structure, feeding bin, automatic/manual operating system, accurate metering and conveying system, 100-150 ton cement silo, twin shaft mixing machine, conveying system and finished product silo.

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Mixing system

The mixing machine adopts double-motor-driven elongated double-shaft mixer to ensure a long enough net mixing time, high-speed mixing, so that the mixing effect is more even and the noise is much lower.

The lubrication of the entire mixing system adopts concentrated oil pump to ensure that the bearings and floating oil seals are always in good working condition. With advanced technology, under the condition of ensuring sufficient lubricating oil, the seal life is about 3 times longer than other life. Moreover, the shaft end seal is completely separated from the bearing. It is difficult for mud and sand to enter the bearing, which greatly improves the service life of the main engine.

Aggregate and finished material conveying system

The belt conveyor can be used with joints or seamless vulcanized joint ring-shaped tapes to choose from. It is driven by a motor reducer or an electric drum to adapt to harsh on-site working environments, it is equipped with a secondary scraping device to scrape the material clean without residue.

Powder system

The powder continuous scale can dynamically display instantaneous flow and accumulated flow in a timely manner, and has high and stable measurement accuracy, and is not affected by environmental factors. The measurement accuracy can be controlled at ±1%.

Finished product silo

The expanded finished product silo of the stabilized soil mixing plant can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment during long intervals between the transportation vehicles, and the widening of the opening width can meet the opening requirements of large vehicles.

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