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How To Choose Soil Cement Mixing Equipment

Jul 28, 2021

How to choose soil cement mixing equipment? First of all, we need to understand what is a stabilized soil mixing plant. It is used for the stabilized soil construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, squares, and airports. The capacity ranges from 300-800 ton/h. The main types are mobile, stationary and foundation-free stabilized soil mixing plants.

In the selection of equipment for the stabilized soil mixing station, the first consideration is the actual demand for production capacity. Under normal circumstances, Haomei Machinery recommends that customers choose equipment whose actual maximum capacity is 10% to 20% higher than the current demand capacity.

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This has two advantages: One is to avoid the long-term full load of the mixing plant equipment, which will cause serious wear and affect the service life of the equipment; the second is to prevent the situation where the construction period is tight and cannot be completed on time or that or the company develops rapidly and the equipment capacity cannot be met.

The selection of stabilized soil mixing station must also fully consider the type and quantity of materials to be mixed, and determine the number of bins of the batching machine according to the quantity of materials to be mixed.

If the budget is abundant, we recommend that customers also make a reserve for the quantity of materials that can be mixed. If there are fewer types of materials to be mixed, multiple silos can be used for one material. Otherwise, when you need to mix a variety of mixtures, you can only regret that you didn't buy a batching machine with multiple bins. As for the special solution, welcome to consult us directly.

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