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Twin Shaft Mixer Concrete VS Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

Jul 14, 2021

The horizontal concrete mixers are divided into single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft mixer concrete. Its concrete mixing speed is fast and uniform. The produced concrete quality is up to the standard of commercial concrete. The twin-shaft concrete mixer is currently the more commonly used horizontal mixer.
Compared with the single-shaft mixer, it has better performance. It uses two shafts with the spiral blades as the main mixing components to complete the mixing in the process of conveying materials. Therefore, compared with the single-shaft mixer, the mixing time is shorter, but the mixing effect is more uniform and the efficiency is higher. What are its advantages?

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Stable high mixture homogeneity in a very short mixing time

  • Realize the rapid improvement of the homogeneity of the mixture through sufficient material exchange.

  • Each mixing cycle guarantees stable consistency and homogeneity.

Optimal energy efficiency

  • It can reach high mixing performance at low speed.

  • It can maintain the particle structure of various formula ingredients.

  • It is of very low energy consumption due to short mixing time, optimized agitator and efficient drive.

Reasonable design, Low wear

  • Low speed and compact structure realize low wear of mixing blades and mixing tank lining.

  • It significantly reduced wear compared to pan or planetary mixers.

  • We have optimized the design of all wear-prone parts.

Efficient concrete production

  • It can crush the adhesive in a short time.

  • There is potential to save adhesive.

  • It can make the added materials and additives evenly and quickly distributed throughout the mixture.

  • Small batches of more than 10% of the rated filling volume can be processed

  • Its mixing speed can be adjusted.

Different from the circular motion of other mixing systems, the three-dimensional mixing principle of the twin-shaft batch mixer realizes sufficient material exchange, so its mixing time is short and energy consumption is low.

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