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A Guide on Asphalt Plant Equipment Installation

Feb 22, 2024

Highway pavement mechanization includes three main processes: mixing, paving, and rolling. Mixing is an important guarantee for ensuring construction quality. In the mixing process, asphalt production plant is the first factor that determines the progress and quality of the project. It plays an irreplaceable role in highway construction.

Due to the large workload of large-scale asphalt mixing plants, their floor space requirements are very high. We must fully consider the type of equipment during construction and the storage capacity of stones.

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When selecting a site, we should try to choose it near the middle section of the construction section. At the same time, we should also consider whether the sources of water and electricity can be guaranteed, and whether the transportation of raw materials and finished materials to and from the hot mix asphalt plant is convenient.

Attention should also be paid to the selection of the external environment of the site. The natural conditions should be dry, the terrain should be slightly higher, and the groundwater level should be avoided from being too high.

It is necessary to fully understand the geological conditions of the site to avoid deformation of the equipment due to subsidence caused by the gravity of the equipment due to poor geological conditions. When multiple highways are under construction at the same time, the simple way to choose a suitable location is to calculate various costs and determine the address based on the average transportation distance.

After site selection, the entire construction site should be reasonably laid out and planned due to a wide variety of equipment for large-scale asphalt mixing stations, including asphalt mixer, asphalt storage facilities, finished material warehouses, thermal oil furnaces, control system,etc.

After the construction starts, as many as a dozen kinds of raw materials and finished materials will enter and leave the mixing station. We must carry out scientific and reasonable planning and layout of the site to avoid the interfering with the normal construction order caused by the unreasonable layout.

In the preliminary preparation work for the installation of the asphalt mixing station, before all auxiliary equipment and the complete set of equipment of the mixing station are transported to the construction site, we must draw the overall position map and ensure a successful lifting during the installation process. If a second lifting occurs, it will cause an additional increase in the overall cost.

The installation team must have experience so that they can deal with some problems that arise during the installation process. The supporting facilities required to install the equipment include 1 small car for purchasing and daily office work, two sets of cranes, 30m long rope, retractable ladder, crowbar, sledgehammer, hand saw, electric drill, grinder, wire crimping pliers, various wrenches, safety belts, loader,etc.

In order of installation, we generally install it in the following order, asphalt auxiliary facilities (boiler) → mixing station → dryer → powder machine → aggregate elevator and bag dust collector → cold extraction → general distribution → finished product warehouse → central control room →Wiring.

Since road construction usually takes place in the summer, when we use some electronic equipment, we should install lightning rods, arresters and other devices to ensure the normal use of the electronic equipment.

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