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An Overview of Concrete Ready Mix Plant for Sale

Nov 09, 2022

The concrete ready mix plant is often used to produce wet concrete, that is, ready-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete refers to cement, aggregates, water, admixtures, mineral admixtures, etc. that are mixed according to a certain proportion in a mixing station after being measured and sold by transport vehicles within a specified time.

With the improvement of the concrete quality requirements of the project, the measurement accuracy of the concrete batching plant is also getting higher and higher, and the ready-mixed concrete batching plant can meet this requirement. Whether it is the weighing of aggregates, powders or water agents, the weighing, control and signal conversion components of the RMC plant are all imported components, featuring high precision.

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The configuration of the stationary concrete plant determines the price of the mixing station. The specific configuration of the batching plant depends on the actual needs of customers in terms of product specifications, output and applications. Haomei Machinery can customize a reasonable and economical production plan for the customer according to the conditions of the customer's production site. Therefore, the investment cost of each batching plant is different.

In order to adapt to the market, the models of small and medium-sized batching plants are constantly increasing, including 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, etc. Among them, HZS60 concrete batching plant has more prominent advantages among all small and medium-sized batching plants. Its simplicity and construction technology have greatly promoted the construction project.

It adopts fully automatic control system and the main components of the electrical control system of the control system are all imported, therefore it is of reliable performance and easy operation. Many fully automatic control systems use dual-machine synchronous control system that two computers can control and manage the entire production process at the same time.

Haomei Machinery provides different types and rich models of concrete batching plant for sale with a theoretical production capacity of up to 540 cubic meters per hour. Concrete batching plants equipped with lifting hoppers have a smaller footprint, making it possible to produce high-quality ready-mixed concrete in a small area; batching plants equipped with thermal insulation or refrigeration systems can meet the requirements of concrete production in severe cold or hot areas.

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