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What Is A Truck Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Nov 01, 2022

Compared with concrete pump trailer or the concrete mixing pump, the truck mounted concrete pump for sale is more convenient to transfer because of its car chassis. According to the types of concrete pumps, it can be divided into truck mounted line pump and truck mounted concrete boom pump.

Truck mounted line pump needs manual piping. the pumping height can be higher and the distance can be farther on the construction site. For those medium and high-rise buildings that are difficult to reach by the concrete pump, the line pump is another choice. However, the premise is that the truck mounted pump has enough power to pump the concrete to the needed height, and the length of the pipe can reach the built floor height.

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It includes swing oil cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, conveying cylinder, washing room, main oil cylinder, oil pump, and engine to form the hydraulic system of the concrete pump truck. The hydraulic system and electrical control system of the truck mounted line pump are mechanically and reliably connected with the chassis.

Truck mounted concrete boom pump,also called concrete boom truck. Due to the convenience of use and transportation, it is widely used in the construction field. Unlike other concrete pumps, concrete pump trucks have booms that can be folded.

The concrete boom truck integrates the pumping system and the boom system on the chassis of the vehicle. The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in the hopper into the pipeline that is attached to the boom. The operator controls the boom to move, and the concrete pumped by the pumping system is directly sent to the pouring point.

The common boom length is 21 meters, 24 meters, 28 meters, 30 meters, 33 meters, 38 meters and 35 meters. Different pump trucks will be designed according to the requirements of chassis length, width and height, mixer efficiency requirements, boom length requirements, etc.

Haomei Macinery has the world's leading reliability verification technology of boom fatigue test bench, which can simulate the actual construction state and continuously dynamically load the maximum force, ensuring the overall boom will not crack for 8 years and 450,000 cubic meters.

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