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An Overview of Twin Shaft Mixer

Jul 14, 2021

Twin shaft concrete mixer is widely used in the concrete batching plant. It is of the blade structure. The material loses weight instantaneously at the critical parabolic speed to achieve a better mixing effect. At the same time, the strong flipping effect can greatly shorten the mixing time. What are its advantages?

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1. It has high mixing speed. The mixing time per batch is about 60s.

2. Materials with large differences in specific gravity, particle size, shape and other physical properties are not prone to segregation during mixing.

3. The mixer is equipped with a high-speed rotating flying knife set, which can quickly and effectively disperse fiber materials.

4. Its power consumption is small, 60% lower than ordinary horizontal single shaft mixer.

5. It is of wide application, which can produce various kinds of concrete like semi dry concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete,etc.

A twin shaft concrete mixer usually has a long service life. How to deal with its common failures? There are some tips from Haomei Machinery.

1. The motor is overheated without load. It may be due to long running time, low voltage, and overload operation. At this time, stop and check immediately if all the connections of the electrical appliances is normal, and wait until the voltage is completely stabilized before working.

2. There is abnormal noise during the operation of the mixer. It may be caused by a foreign object in the equipment or a loose chain.

3. The reducer heats up. It may be because the motor is running normally but the reducer is not running. It may be that the small parts at the connection part are severely worn, so the new small parts can be replaced.

4. The bearing is hot. The bearing is the core component of twin shaft concrete mixer for sale. If the bearing is overheated, check whether the belt is too tight, whether the bearing is damaged, or whether it is working under overload for a long time.

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