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What Are Advantages of Horizontal Cement Silo

Jul 07, 2021

The horizontal cement silo and the vertical cement silo have some things in common.They are both used to store powder materials such as cement and fly ash. They all need to install a dust collector and safety valve on the top. They have some of the same accessories, such as safety valves , feeding pipe, level gauge, etc.

However, they also vary a lot. First of all, their shape is different. The horizontal cement silo is just like a oblong container. Its height is significantly lower than the vertical cement silo. The vertical cement silo is of cone shape and is very high.

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Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The horizontal cement silo is free of foundation, of low height and is easy to repair and maintain. The vertical cement silo is of small land occupancy and low cost. Many users who have limited sites and needs frequent transfer like to choose horizontal cement silo. What are its advantages?

1. No foundation, easy to install

The horizontal cement silo is composed of multiple legs, lower cone, silo body, feeding pipe, climbing ladder, and safety valve. It only needs simple ground hardening, eliminating the need for foundation and the trouble of embedding.

2. Low height and wide application range

The height of the horizontal cement silo is 2.9 meters. For a vertical cement silo such as 50 ton cement silo, its height is about 9 meters. The overall height of the horizontal cement silo is low, which is especially suitable for use in the factory building.

3. No need for external sealing

The horizontal cement silo is welded by steel plate, which has high strength and good airtightness. Due to the low height, external sealing is eliminated, which greatly saves the cost.

It is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to remove the concrete accumulated in the bulk cement tank during the cleaning of the horizontal cement silo, which can only be removed with a chisel.

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