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How Does Batch Type Hot Mix Plant Work

Mar 23, 2020

Asphalt batch mixing plant is a complete sets of equipment which is used in mass production of asphalt concrete.How does batch type hot mix plant work? Take LB2000 hot mix asphalt plant for example.

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Firstly, the central control room issues a start-up command. After receiving the relevant orders from the cold storage bin, the relevant materials (aggregate, powder) are transferred to the drying drum through a belt conveyor for drying. Then the hot material are conveyed to the vibrating screen to perform the screening process.

Next, the sieved materials are delivered to different hot storage bins,respectively measured by the electronic weight. The material of a certain weight will be poured into the mixing tank, and then the hot asphalt is weighed and sprayed into the mixing tank.

Finally, after the full mixing of the various materials in the mixing tank, we get the asphalt concrete. Then, the asphalt concrete will be transported to the bucket truck. The bucket truck conveys through the track and unloads the finished product into the storage tank. The asphalt concrete will be dumped to the truck through discharging gate of the storage tank.

As a batch mix plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery continuously improves the whole process for higher efficiency and environmental protection. Special solution is customized for each customer.

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