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Can Concrete Mixing Pump Pump Dry Concrete

Nov 25, 2020

The concrete mixing pump is a good combination of concrete mixer and trailer pump. Can it pump dry concrete? In concrete construction, pumping dry materials is a big test for the the pumpability of the concrete mixer pump.

Because the dry material contains less water, if the quality of the equipment itself is not good enough during the mixing and pumping process, it is easy to cause uneven mixing and even pipe blockage.

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To solve this difficulty, the first thing to do is to realize the concrete mixing uniformity. Because if the concrete cannot be fully mixed, the sand, stones, cement, water, etc. will be uneven, and the quality of the dry material will be poor. Haomei concrete mixer machine with pump can perfectly solve this problem. It has the following features:

1. After mixing the concrete three times, the mixing is sufficient and uniform, and the concrete quality is better.

2. Pumping dry concrete has high requirements on the pumping power. It is impossible to complete pumping without a high-quality main oil pump. Haomei concrete mixer machine with pump adopts imported Kawasaki main oil pump, which has strong power. The vertical conveying distance can reach more than 70 meters, and the horizontal conveying distance is more than 200 meters.

3. Haomei concrete mixing pump is also equipped with a 200mm conveying cylinder, which is stable and durable, and has good suction performance, and fast the concrete discharge speed.

Haomei Machinery has both electrical and diesel concrete mixer pump that is no longer restricted by the power conditions of the site. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete mixer with pump price.

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