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Which Is Better: Concrete Mixer Pump and Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Nov 25, 2020

Both concrete mixer pump and concrete boom pump truck are frequently used in concrete construction. Which are their differences and which is better? Let’s have a look together. Then the customer can choose the equipment model according to one’s construction needs.

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1. Concrete mixer pump

It can realize concrete mixing and continuous pumping along the pipelines. It is one of the trailer line pumps. It is equipped with a special pipeline that can transport concrete to the pouring site along the pipeline. The parameters of the main oil pump determine the pumping speed and transport distance of the concrete. Its shortcoming is the troublesome pipeline installation.

Haomei concrete mixer pump trailer factory concrete pump can reach 200 meters in the horizontal direction and more than 80 meters in the vertical direction.

2. Concrete boom pump truck

The concrete pump and booms re installed on the chassis of the truck. The parameters of the main oil pump and the length of the booms determine the pumping speed, transport height and horizontal distance of the concrete.

Since the concrete boom pump truck is flexible and the booms can move freely, it is suitable for horizontal and vertical conveying of concrete. It even can pour concrete across obstacles. It is widely used in rural construction and bridge construction.

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No matter which equipment we use, we must pay attention to the right operation tips. For example, If you stop pumping for a long time, you should reverse the pump once or twice, and then pump the material forward. A certain amount of concrete should be kept in the hopper during pumping.

Which is better to use concrete mixing pump or concrete boom pump in construction? Each of them has its own advantages. The equipment used on different construction sites is different. Haomei Machinery has both kinds. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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