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Cement Feeder for Improving Concrete Plant Efficiency

Jan 31, 2023

Generally, the practical output of a concrete batching plant is only 80% of its theoretical output. How to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant efficiency?How to improve the cooperation efficiency between different parts? Every detail needs your attention. There is an equipment which can improve the efficiency of cement supply.

The cement silo feeder is suitable for conveying non-viscous or small granular materials such as cement, grain, and fly ash. The joint of the discharge port adopts the quick connector of bulk cement truck, which is convenient to cooperate with the cement truck to realize alternate feeding, and its key parts and accessories can be interchanged with the bulk cement truck.

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The cement feeder is of large capacity, high volume utilization rate, convenient installation and adjustment, compact structure, light weight, easy operation and easy transfer. It is less restricted by terrain and is convenient for process layout.

The cement feeding system consists of two parts: the host and the air source. The main engine is mainly composed of double cone tank feeder, unloading gas system and tank support. The air source part is composed of air compressor, motor, frame, etc., and is responsible for providing power to the feeder.

The double-cone tank must have good airtightness and can withstand at least 0.6MPa pressure. The two heads are pressed by a special mold, which is difficult to process; the main body of the tank is designed with an oblique cone to ensure the fluidity of the material in the tank.

The fluidized bed adopts a closed air chamber, which is composed of an angle steel frame and a pressure plate, with a breathable cloth in the middle. The air source conveys the material through the filter cloth. In order to achieve the best conveying efficiency, the secondary nozzle is specially designed to adjust the mixing ratio of material and air in the discharge pipe.

When the secondary nozzle is adjusted to the optimum height, the cement in the tank can be discharged in the shortest time. The ideal height is mainly affected by factors such as the configuration of the intake pipe, the amount of remaining material in the tank, the discharge height, and the bulk density of the material.

The horizontal cement feeder’s blow-off efficiency is over 1.2T/min. It not only improves concrete production efficiency, but also improves the construction environment. It can easily pump bagged cement or bulk cement into different types of cement silos. Welcome to leave message to inquire cement feeder price.

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