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How to Install Hot Mix Asphalt Equipment

Jan 16, 2023

As one of the most common materials in road construction, asphalt plays an important role. Hot mix asphalt equipment is an an important equipment for highway construction, which integrates various technologies such as machinery, electricity and automation. The production capacity, measurement accuracy, degree of automation of the control system, reliability of mechanical transmission and energy consumption rate of the asphalt mixing plant are closely related to the installation of the hot mix asphalt plant for sale.

The installation of asphalt mixing plant refers to the installation of asphalt mixing plant carried out by relevant departments in order to ensure the effective, stable, safe and high-quality construction during the construction process.

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The main content includes: the installation of control system, dust removal system, powder supply system, asphalt supply system, weighing and mixing system, hot material storage bin, vibrating screen, hot material lifting, fuel system, drying system and batching system. The installation activity of asphalt batching plant is the basic work of the whole construction process and has its own characteristics.

For the installation of bitumen plant, the first work is to select the site for the installation of asphalt mixing plant. In the process of site selection, we must fully consider the specific construction conditions and construction sites, and try to avoid the impact of the asphalt mixing plant on the surrounding environment and residents. Therefore, we should try to avoid environmental protection districts and residential areas.

In production, the vibrating screen, mixing tank and aggregate drying cylinder are the components that generate the most intense vibration in the whole set of equipment, which has a certain impact on the entire mixing plant. Therefore, when we carry out foundation construction, we should pay special attention to the quality of the aggregate drying drum and the main building part, so as to ensure the stability of the main building part, and resolutely avoid damage to the entire asphalt plant due to irregular construction activities and inadequate construction management monitoring.

The installation of electrical equipment is the key content of the installation of the entire asphalt mixing plant, so it must be regulated and guided. In order to adapt to large-scale construction, it is necessary to increase the power of the electrical equipment of the entire asphalt mixing plant, especially the electrical equipment. At present, the power consumption of most asphalt mixing plants has reached 600kW-1000kW.

Compared with the installation of the stationary asphalt plant, that of hot mix mobile plant is easier and quicker. Welcome to leave message to inquire what you need.

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