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Different Solutions to Build A Concrete Batch Plant

Aug 25, 2021

For different project scale, construction environment and budget, there are different solutions to build a concrete batch plant. The proper one will be the best.

Stationary concrete batching plant

The stationary concrete batching plant has different equipment configurations because of different manufacturers and different needs of customers. The engineering concrete mixing plant shall meet the needs of the project. Unnecessary functions and decorations can be discarded to meet customer needs.


Commercial mixing plant can produce a variety of concrete and the appearance of the equipment is beautiful and generous. For the control system of the mixing equipment, what is required at present is the automatic and storage function, in order to improve the work efficiency and facilitate the inquiry of the daily records.

Even if it is a same model, because of different customer requirements, the price list of the stationary concrete plant can only be in a price range. The investment for a set of hzs35 concrete plant is about 4000 dollars. If you add concrete trucks, forklifts, experimental equipment, etc., the cost will be higher.

Mobile batching plant

Mobile batching plant is a mobile concrete production equipment. The main advantage is that it has low requirements for infrastructure construction and can be built on the production site and put into production. It is suitable for all kinds of short-term, on-site ready-mixed concrete production needs that require frequent transfer. The production capacity is usually less than 100 cubic meters per hour. The mobile mixing plant itself does not contain a cement silo.

Self loading concrete mixer & trailer pump

The self loading concrete mixer truck can simultaneously complete on-site concrete mixing and transportation operations. It is not only widely used in various civil and public construction projects, but also in the infrastructure construction of subways, bridges, rural areas and remote places.

The trailer line pump can be divided into motor power and diesel engine power. The diesel engine power is highly mobile and not affected by the power supply, but compared to the motor pump, the use cost is slightly higher.

Batching machine & Twin shaft concrete mixer

The twin shaft concrete mixer can form a simple concrete batching plant with a batching machine. It is composed of two mixing shafts. The abrasion produced during use is relatively small, and the mixing efficiency and quality are very good during production.

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