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What Are Reasons for Damage to Clutch of Self Loading Mixer

Aug 18, 2021

The self loading mixer is a kind of equipment that combines the functions of a concrete truck and a concrete mixing station. It integrates concrete loading, metering, mixing, transportation and discharging. It can realize concrete transportation and on-site concrete mixing. What are the solutions for those small faults?

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After a long time of use, some accessory may have some problems. The clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the clutch is the input shaft of the gearbox. The reason for the clutch damage of the self loading mixer machine is introduced as follows: When the power shift transmission clutch is engaged, the pressure of the hydraulic oil overcomes the spring force to compress the friction plate. With the increase of hydraulic oil pressure, the friction plate contacts with the metal disc and is gradually compressed, so that the clutch will smoothly transmit the flywheel power to the transmission input shaft.

Every time a gear is shifted, the friction plate has to rub against the steel plate, and the heat generated is dissipated by the coolant. When the friction plate and the steel plate become thinner, in order to make them fully engaged, more hydraulic oil is needed.

The engine of the self loading mixer truck must be further accelerated, and the slip time of the friction plate on the steel plate will also be prolonged. The resulting frictional heat will also increase, which promotes the increase of the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

When the temperature is high enough to change the performance of the seals in the transmission, the transmission will leak internally. The internal leakage continues to cause the increase in heat from two aspects: the high-pressure oil leaks through the damaged seal, causing the oil temperature to continue to rise; due to the oil leakage, the hydraulic pump is bound to deliver more oil to ensure the clutch engagement.

Such a vicious circle will inevitably lead to overheating or burning of the clutch of the self loading concrete mixer. until it completely fails. So it is important to check it regularly and replace it in time. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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