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Top Three Features of Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Aug 30, 2021

In recent years, the construction market has put forward higher requirements on the quality and economic indicators of concrete. Sicoma twin shaft mixer has been improved for meeting the leading requirements.

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Innovative blades arrangement

Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer optimizes the rotation speed of the mixing shaft, the number and arrangement of the mixing arms, the installation angle and arrangement of the blades, the shape and area of the blades, and the axis distance between the two shafts. With this new structure, energy consumption can be reduced by about 20% compared with the traditional twin shaft structure. The cement consumption can be reduced by 30-50 kg/m2.

Gear oil cooling filter system

The lubricating oil used in the gearbox during use will heat up, and the temperature will rise as the use time is longer. The high temperature of the lubricating oil directly affects the service life of the gearbox.

To solve this problem, a cooling filter system is designed to make the gearbox lubricating oil circulate through the cooling pipe and filter to keep the gear oil at a relatively constant temperature, thus reducing the wear of the gearbox components and increasing the service life of the gearbox.

By cooling and filtering the gear oil, the service life of the gear oil of the reduction box is prolonged by 2 to 3 times. This system can filter 1 micron particles and 100% water and reduce the oil temperature by about 15°C. The clean and low-temperature gear oil is very beneficial to the use of gearboxes.

The use of the gear oil cooling filter system can increase the use time of the gearbox by more than one time, which obviously saves the maintenance time and use cost of the gearbox.

Oil-free shaft head sealing system

The oil-free shaft head sealing system is equipped with a dynamic sealing ring and a static sealing ring on the rotating shaft, which are made of high wear-resistant metal materials. The dynamic seal ring is fixed on the rotating shaft and rotates with the rotating shaft; a spring is arranged between the static seal ring and the housing and can move along the axial direction of the rotating shaft.

Under the action of the spring, the opposite end faces of the dynamic and static seal rings are in close contact, forming a liquid cover. There is an axial guide device between the static sealing ring and the shell, which is a plurality of evenly distributed guide pins.

The shell is provided with a protective sleeve, and the gap structure between it and the rotating shaft is a labyrinth seal structure, which can avoid unnecessary wear and enhance the sealing effect. There is no need to consume lubricating oil at all. This system not only realizes oil-free, zero-pollution and high-quality concrete, but also save maintenance cost.

Sicoma concrete mixer is an ECO-friendly construction equipment, which has excellent mixing performance and long stable working performance. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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