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Electric VS Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Aug 05, 2020

Concrete is an indispensable material for most projects such as high-rise buildings, bridges, road construction, port,etc. The production and use of concrete often involve different kinds of construction equipment such as concrete mixer, concrete truck, concrete pump,etc. For small projects, the portable concrete mixer with pump is an ideal choice.

It is divided into electric and diesel concrete mixer pump. Which one is better? Lets have a look of their differences.


Electric concrete mixer pump

It needs the electricity to start. Different from our 220V household electricity, the concrete mixer machine with pump requires 380V industrial electricity. There are also strict requirements on the wires. If the main motor power is 45 kw, we don’t suggest that the customer use aluminum wire.

Diesel concrete mixer pump

The diesel concrete mixer pump is equipped with a 52 kw diesel engine, which is directly powered by the diesel engine without the need to connect to the electricity, and is not affected by the electric supply of the construction site. The power supply is stable.

Which one to choose depends on the power supply of the construction sites. If the external electric power is sufficient and convenient, you can choose the electric concrete mixer with pump. The electricity cost is lower than that of diesel, but the electrical concrete mixing pump price is lower than that o diesel concrete mixer pump.

If most of the construction areas are inconvenient to connect to electricity, it is recommended to buy diesel concrete mixer pump. The advantages of the portable concrete mixer with pump:

1. The perfect combination of mixing and pumping lessens the total weight and transportation space.

2. The concrete mixer machine with pump is convenient for rural transportation and has high work efficiency.

3. It contributes to save labor cost and reduce labor intensity.

4. The operation is simple and easy to use. The remote control is used to operate the mixing pump, which saves trouble and is safer.

5. It adopts double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, which can transport conventional large aggregate or crushed stone concrete with stable performance, safety and reliability.

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