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What Are The Advantages of Portable Concrete Mixer With Pump

Aug 05, 2020

The portable concrete mixer with pump has the functions of concrete mixing and concrete pumping in one, which not only saves equipment cost, but also improve working efficiency. What are its advantages?

portable concret mixing pump.jpg1. With perfect combination of two machines, it is of cute body and easy to transport. It can be quickly moved between several construction sites or multiple construction points on the same construction site by a small truck or small loader.

2. The concrete mixing pump factory is of low power, which meets the needs of rural power supply. Basically, it can be applied to all the on-site power supplies of construction sites with 3-12 floors. In the case of insufficient power supply, it can be equipped with a small diesel generator.

3. The concrete mixing quality is good, which can ensure the construction quality.

4. It can not only meet the transportation of large aggregate concrete at a certain height, but also convey long distance. Its wide applicability enables the concrete mixing pump suitable for most constructions sites.

5. It of high investment value. The average output of the concrete mixer pump factory is about 70-100 m3/day. You can calculate your profit according to the local concrete price.

6. The vertical height of concrete pumped by the concrete mixer pump can reach 50-100 meters, and the horizontal interval is 150-350 meters.

7. The concrete mixer machine with pump cooperates with forklifts to feed materials, and the whole process is fully mechanized. After the pump mixes sand and cement, they are directly transported to the pouring site. The two tasks are in place in one step.

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