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47 Meter New Concrete Pump Truck tor Sale

Jul 26, 2022

In general, the longer the boom of the new concrete pump truck for sale, the higher the price of the concrete pump truck. The boom lengths of concrete pump trucks currently on the market range from 22 to 63 meters. Generally, the higher the length of the boom, the higher the concrete floor that can be conveyed, so the user can decide the selected boom length according to his own use and needs.

According to the height of the boom of the pump truck, the concrete pump truck can be divided into: short boom, long boom and super long boom. Usually the length of the boom is 13-28 meters for the short boom, 31-47 meters for the long boom, 51-62 meters for the super long boom. At present, the most common pump trucks on the market are short boom and long boom.

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Boom technology is a key technology for concrete pump trucks. With the development of the commercial concrete industry, concrete pumping machinery is developing in the direction of more complete specifications, higher grades, and longer booms. The mainstream boom pump has gradually transitioned from 37 meter to 42-45 meters. Besides, 47 meter pump truck is also favored by the market.

The concrete boom pump for sale is often limited by the upper space during operation, and the top height is required to be the lowest when the boom is unfolded. The boom folding below 4 sections generally adopts a single R or Z shape. Due to the limitation of space for booms with more than 5 sections, the RZ combined folding type is generally used to realize the unfolding and folding of the booms. It is especially suitable for the tunnel and indoor construction.

Haomei 47 meter pump truck adopts highly intelligent shock absorption technology and boom system, greatly improving the maneuverability of the boom. Active shock absorption technology, 5-section boom boom system and anti-fatigue optimized design can prolong the service life of structural parts, improve construction safety, and reduce the plastic deformation of the boom. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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