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Mini Concrete Batching Plant Capacity

Aug 08, 2022

Generally speaking, the models of concrete batching plants used in small and medium-sized projects are not too large, but even the mini concrete batching plant has many types: stationary, mobile and foundation free. The popular capacity is 25 m3/h.

HZS25 concrete batching plant is a small stationary concrete batching plant. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient disassembly and convenient construction. The cost of investing in this small concrete batching plant is relatively low due to the cheap equipment cost, small floor space and less labor needed. It is is suitable for large-scale prefabricated component factories and small industrial and civil construction projects such as roads and bridges.

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YHZS25 concrete mixing plant is a mobile one. It is concrete mixing equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the stationary batching plant into a single trailer unit. It is exactly the same as all the production processes, operation methods, and maintenance methods of the stationary one. However, it features flexible transfer and quick installation.

The foundation free concrete batching plant also has this capacity of 25 m3/h. It has two types: hopper lift type foundation-free batching plant and belt type foundation-free batching plant. Except for the different layout and transportation mode, its equipment composition is basically the same as that of the ordinary batching plant, which is also composed of aggregate batching system, belt conveyor (lifting hopper), mixing unit, metering unit, water additive box, control room, air control system, electrical system and other components.

The aggregate batching system is placed on a large chassis, which is connected to the mixing unit through the middle rail frame. The water admixture tank and the control room are connected together and placed in the lower part of the mixing chassis as equipment legs. The mixing unit is connected with the metering unit through bolts. Cables, water channels and gas channels are in the form of push-in connectors.

Haomei Machinery has all these three types of 25 m3 mini concrete batching plants. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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