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How Does Mobile Asphalt Batch Plant Work

Dec 23, 2021

The mobile asphalt batch plant is an ideal equipment for small road construction or road maintenance projects, with an hourly production capacity of 10 to 80 tons, which can be easily transferred from one construction site to another.

It is composed of cold aggregate supply system, cold aggregate elevator, asphalt supply system, dust removal equipment, asphalt mixer, etc. The small mobile mixing plant uses a flat structure without a mixing tower.

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Asphalt concrete production requires mobility, and the use of small mobile asphalt mixing plant greatly reduces work costs. Haomei small portable asphalt plant has a production capacity of up to 80 tons per hour, which is sufficient to meet the needs of small-scale asphalt concrete construction. It can be directly operated on the construction site and moved with the project.

The mobile asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a mixer and a feeding system on the chassis, and there is also a fixed or mobile aggregate batching machine to choose from. The size of the mobile asphalt mixing plant conforms to the road transportation regulations, and it can be easily transferred by a tractor or ordinary truck.

Working principle of small portable asphalt plant for sale

The working principle includes three steps. Asphalt mixture is made of cold aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt. Therefore, after finishing the ratio of these three materials, they are discharged into the mixing tank to start the production of asphalt mixture.

1. The crushed stone is sent from the cold aggregate supply system to the drying drum through the inclined belt conveyor, and then the material is heated and dried through the combustion system, and then the hot aggregate is lifted to the screening system through the hot aggregate elevator.

The aggregate will be sieved according to the diameter of the aggregate. Next, the aggregate is sent to the hot aggregate bin, and the aggregate enters the aggregate weighing system. After weighing, the proportioned aggregate is discharged into the mixing tank.

2. In the process of heating and drying in the drying barrel, some dust will be generated, and the dust will enter the dust collection system, and then enter the recycling powder bin after dust removal. The mineral powder enters the mineral powder silo. Then, mix the sand in the recycled powder bin with the sand in the mineral powder bin, which will be discharged into the powder weighing system, and enter asphalt mixer after weighing.

3. The bitumen will be pumped into the bitumen tank through the bitumen pump, and the bitumen tank has the function of heating and insulating the bitumen. The bitumen is then sent to the bitumen weighing system, and the bitumen is discharged into the mixing tank after the weighing process.

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