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Mobile Concrete Pump in Malaysia

Dec 16, 2021

Choosing a right concrete pump is very import for the projects. There are different mobile concrete pumps in Malaysia: trailer pump, truck-mounted pump, boom pump, concrete mixing pump? What are their differences? Let’s have a look together.

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1. Trailer pump for sale

The trailer pump for sale is a small concrete pump equipment produced by major manufacturers at present for its production cost is lower than other small concrete mixing pumps. Because the trailer pump does not have a car chassis, it is less convenient to transport than a truck-mounted concrete pump. In addition, manual pipe layout is required at the construction site.

Depending on the length of the pipe, the height and horizontal concrete pumping distances are also different. The currently popular trailer pump is a diesel concrerte pump.

2. Truck-mounted concrete pump

Compared with the trailer pump or the concrete mixing pump , it is more convenient in transfer. However, it also requires manual pipe layout when transporting concrete. Compared with the boom pump, the pumping height can be higher and the distance can be longer. It can be said that it combines the advantages of the trailer pump and the boom pump.

3. Concrete mixing pump

It has concrete mixing and pumping in one. . It can perform on-site mixing and can combine long-distance and high-intensity pumping. Its operation is simple and can be finished by one person. Since it does not have a car chassis, the concrete mixing pump is also relatively inconvenient to move.

4. Concrete boom pump truck

It is a main kind of the mobile concrete pumps. It has a car chassis. It is very convenient among all small concrete mixing pumps, whether it is moved or used, because it does not require manual pipe layout. But its disadvantage is that its boom length is fixed, it cannot transport concrete to 200 meter far.

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