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How Much Do You Know about Mobile Concrete Truck

Dec 11, 2019

Mobile concrete truck is an an imperative vehicle to transport the concrete to the job site.Having some basic knowledge of the concrete mixer truck will help you make a better choice according to your need.


The weight laws in different countries may be different. You should have a clear thought of this point. Generally ,the capacity of most trucks mixer is from 3 to 11 cubic yards. Our biggest concrete truck is 20 cubic yards.



The small concrete truck is consisted of two parts: the chassis and the upper body. The chassis is provided by the chassis manufacturer. Many customers easily confuse the chassis manufacturer withe the concrete mixer truck manufacturers.For example, the Sinotruk Howo 15 m3 concrete truck just means that the chassis is provided by Sinotruk Group.

The upper body is produced and assembled by the modification factory.The upper body is divided into a hydraulic system, a cooling system and a tank. The hydraulic system is composed of a reducer, an oil pump and a motor. The hydraulic system and the chassis has close relationship with the whole truck performance.

Discharging ways

The common discharging way is from the back of the concrete mixer truck. This needs the driver to reverse into the production line. Now there are another two kinds of new concrete mixer trucks for sale: the front-discharged concrete mixer truck and self-loading concrete truck which is of higher efficiency.

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