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What Are The Different Types Of Concrete Trucks

Dec 12, 2019

With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology, different types of concrete trucks are born. What are they? There are also different classification standards.

Discharging Ways

self loading concrete mixer truck.jpgAccording to this standard, there are three types of concrete trucks: common concrete mixer truck, front discharge truck and self loading concrete mixer truck. Since the common concrete mixer truck is a popular model, its drivers are not difficult to find.

As for the front discharge concrete truck, the cost savings are significant. With the ability to pull forward into job sites, front discharge mixers let drivers enter the site quickly and efficiently.

The self loading concrete mixer truck means they can automatically feed, measure, and mix their final discharge, which greatly improve the transport efficiency.

Chassis Structure

There are two types of concrete trucks according to this standards: the general concrete truck and semi trailer concrete truck.

Transmission Form

1576053386620361.jpgIn terms of the transmission form of the mixing tank, there are mechanical transmission mixer truck, hydraulic transmission mixer truck and hydraulic mechanical transmission mixer truck.

Power configuration

The upper body of some concrete mixer truck has its own motor, while the upper body and the chassis of some concrete truck use the same motor.

Moisture Content of Concrete

There are three types of concrete trucks: wet, dry, and semi-dry, according to the moisture content of the concrete being transported by the concrete mixer.

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