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How to Build A Soil Cement Batch Plant

Jul 28, 2021

Stabilized soil is mainly used as a stable layer, which is mainly used for the stable soil construction of highways, urban roads, squares, airports and other foundation layers. The soil cement batch plant can continuously mix different grades of lime stabilized soil, gravel and industrial waste residues.

The stabilized soil mixing plant is divided into a stationary soil cement batch plant and a mobile stabilized soil mixing station. If you want to build a stabilized soil mixing plant, there are many factors that need to be considered. The most important thing is to consider what kind of soil mixing plant to build. Secondly, you must have a clear idea of the budget and topographic characteristics.

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In order to ensure the safe operation of the soil cement batch plant, there are some tips:

1. Personnel are not allowed to approach within 1m around the stabilized soil mixing plant. When the conveyor belt is running, a certain safety distance(60 cm) should be maintained.

In order to prevent the rubble from being splashed off, the workers need to wear a safety helmet when entering the workplace. In order to better cooperate with the staff in commanding the vehicles and ensure the safety of the staff, electric bells should be installed.

2. Before operating the machine, carefully check the various parts of the machine, whether the electrical appliances are sensitive, whether the bolts are loose, whether there are solidified materials on the mixer and the conveyor belt.

3. The staff in the operation room shall not leave their posts without permission, and other irrelevant personnel shall not enter. Electrical components should be equipped with moisture-proof and defensive equipment, and electrical components should be maintained by electricians. After the work is over, the remaining materials should be cleaned up, the doors and windows of the operation room should be locked, and the power supply should be turned off.

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