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How to Buy Concrete Truck According to Your Own Need

Apr 17, 2020

How to buy a satisfying concrete truck? In fact, there are no great know-how. The choice made on the basis of you own need is the best choice. Here are some tips from Haomei Machinery, a big concrete mixer truck manufacturer in China.


1. Settlement methods

If your remuneration is calculated according to the volume, a large model will bring you a higher return. 12 m3 or 14m3 concrete truck will be a good choice. If you are payed monthly for the project, it is no need to buy a large one.

2. Road conditions

This road condition is directly related to the choice of the rear axle. If the road condition is good in most cases, you can choose single-reduction axle; if the road condition is not particularly good, you had better choose internal-geared axle.

3. Selection of tank volume

The most popular model is mini concrete truck such as 4 yard concrete mixer truck, 5 yard concrete truck and 8 m3 concrete truck. You also can make choice according to your needs.

4. Material of the tank body

The quality of the tank body mainly depends on its thickness. The general choice is 6mm thick manganese plate. There is no need to consider it if it is less than 6mm.

5. The selection of chassis and engine

We have a special page on how to choose chassis for the concrete mixer truck. You can have a look of this page. As for the engine, you can make decision according to your fuel consumption.

6. The choice of tires

Generally, there are two types of tires: one is steel tires and the other is nylon tires. In terms of performance, steel tires are much better than nylon tires, but the price is more expensive. The owner can choose according to your own budget.

7. Three hydraulic parts

The three major parts are the hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer. Those from German, Italy and USA are of better performance. But in terms of cost performance, the hydraulic parts from China is high cost-effective.

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