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How to Choose Chassis for 4 yard mixer truck for sale

Apr 15, 2020

A mini concrete mixer truck can be divided into two big parts: the upper part and the chassis. The chassis plays an important role in the performance of the whole vehicle. Take 4 yard mixer truck for sale for example. How to choose chassis for it?

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There are two situations. If there is a special engine, the chassis only has a bearing relationship with the upper part. The choice of the chassis should meet the requirements of the carrying capacity. The installation of the upper part( such as mixing drum, water tank , fuel tank,etc) should be tide. The chassis can ensure the stable driving of the whole vehicle.

If the upper part and the chassis shares a common engine, they not only has a bearing relationship, but also a power connection. Therefore, the choice of the chassis must consider the additional power supply and if it has the basic condition allowing the take-off of the power by the transmission system.

As for the chassis brands, there are two groups: one group is Isuzu, UD, FUSO and HINO, the other group is New Dawei, HOWO, JAC, Dongfeng,Hualing, Futian, Shaanxi Automobile,etc. The first group has low maintenance rate and good contgrollability, but its price is also relatively high. The second group is more economic with practical function. You can make choice according to your budget.

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