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How to Choose a Burner for Small Asphalt Plant

Mar 24, 2020

As we all know , the aggregate material needs drying before mixing with asphalt. Therefore, the burner is a very necessary part of small asphalt plant. Then how to choose a burner for it?

According to the atomization method, the burner can be divided into pressure type atomization, medium atomization, and rotor atomization:

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1. Pressure-type atomization is the use of high-pressure pump to transfer fuel to the nozzle for atomizing and mixing with oxygen. It is characterized by uniform atomization, simple work, fewer consumption, and low cost. At present, most small asphalt plant for sale adopts this burner.

2. Medium atomization is performed by premixing the fuel with 5 ~ 8kg of compressed air or vapour pressure outside the nozzle. It features low requirement for fuel quality, but its cost is relatively high. Therefore, not so much asphalt mix plant use this type.

3. The rotor atomization also has low requirements for the oil quality such as high viscosity residues, but its price is expensive and it is easy to wear.

The burner structure can be divided into the integral type and the split type:

  • The integral type: It combines fan, motor, oil pump, chassis and other control components into the same body, which features small size, small adjustment ratio, generally 1: 2.5. It uses a high-voltage electronic ignition system, which costs less, but has high requirements on fuel quality and environment. It can be used for the mini asphalt plant for sale with output below 120t/h.

  • The split type: It has four independent parts: the main engine, the fan, the oil pump unit and the control components. It is characterized by large volume, large output power ,low noise and low requirements for the fuel quality. This type is mostly used in road construction industry at home and abroad.

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