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How to Choose A Heavy Duty Concrete Mixer

Sep 02, 2021

With the continuous improvement of the concrete industry, the high efficiency, environmental protection and stability of the concrete batching plant have become vital for the survival of the concrete production enterprise. However, the core of a stationary concrete plant is the concrete mixer and its system. How to choose a heavy duty concrete mixer?

The concrete mixer consists of the transmission part, the motor, the main shaft, the reducer, the coupling, and the sealing system including shaft head, lubrication oil supply system, opening and closing door system, monitoring safety system, and anti-wear accessories.

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The famous brands at home and abroad are: European brands are BHS, Liebherr Simon and Shicoma mixer. Sicoma mixer enjoys high reputation in China. Asian brans are Japan's Gwangyang, Nikko, Taiwan Alien, Sany, Zoomlion, Nanfang Luji, Shigaoma, Haomei,etc. Haomei twin shaft concrete mixer is of high cost performance.

For the parts like reducer, shaft end sealing and discharging door, different concrete mixer manufacturers has different designs. Now Let’s have a look together.

Transmission reducer: Nikko, KYC and BSH adopts cycloid reducer. It is stable, durable and quiet, but it is difficult to disassemble and maintain. Sicoma, Ximen, Mikos, Haomei Machinery chooses planetary gear reducer. This reducer is stable, durable and easy to maintain. The amount of oil in the cylinder is small, and it is easy to heat up and cause the performance of the oil protective film to decrease.
Shaft end sealing: There are three kinds of shaft end sealing technologies: 1. Italian technology: SICOMA, Mikos, Jinrui, etc. 2. German technology: BHS, Liebherr, and Haomei Machinery. 3. Japanese technology: Nikon, KYC, Taiwan Alilian, Nanfang Road Machinery. All of them needs a stable and reasonable grease protection and lubrication system.

Door opening and discharging system: There are two main types of door opening and closing systems in the mixer industry: Cylinder and hydraulic opening and closing system. The former is of simple structure and convenient maintenance, but it can not set the middle stroke and easy to jam. The hydraulic discharging system is of precise control, stable and reliable.

The mixing structure design: There are five types: Vertical dog-claw design, 90-degree straight arm design, 60-degree straight arm design, 60-degree spiral ribbon design and 60-degree curved arm design. Haomei Machinery mainly chooses 60-degree spiral ribbon design. Sicoma mixer mainly chooses vertical dog-claw design and 90-degree straight arm design.

For choosing a reliable twin shaft concrete mixer, welcome to inquire our professional sales. After having a good knowledge of your need, we can recommend the right one for you. Welcome to leave message directly.

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