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What’s Advantage of Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Sep 06, 2021

The diesel concrete mixer pump is a concrete construction equipment with on-site mixing and pumping function at the same time. It has been greatly developed in recent years and has been used in many construction sites. What are its advantages?

The concrete mixer pump is developed for the construction of urban areas, and is suitable for the construction of urban buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels and other construction projects. It is of high automation degree. No manual operation is required for feeding, mixing, and pumping, which not only reduces the labor burden, but also improves the safety guarantee.

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The concrete mixed by the concrete mixer machine with pump is of uniform quality. The maximum horizontal distance of 400m and the vertical distance of 80m can be pumped. Its construction efficiency is 4-6 times higher than that of the traditional mixer and concrete pump, which can greatly shorten the construction period. Its volume is relatively small and is more flexible in selecting the construction site.

The diesel concrete mixing pump is more popular. There are still many electricity backward areas, especially for some special projects such as slope protection or field projects. Its mixing and pumping relies on the power of the diesel engine, which does not require electric support, which is much more convenient. The power of Haomei diesel concrete mixer pump is 52KW, 68KW and 72KW.

It chooses JS500 compulsory concrete mixer and the main accessories are selected from well-known brands to ensure the service life and working quality of the concrete mixing pump, including main oil pump and high wear-resistant alloy plate.

The concrete mixer pump can be applied to the mixing and conveying of fine stone concrete and large aggregate concrete in various constructions, such as house construction, road construction, tunnels and bridges, etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete mixer with pump price.

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