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How to Choose An Asphalt Hot Plant for Sale

Jan 24, 2024

Asphalt hot plant for sale is a mechanical equipment for producing various asphalt mixtures. It is suitable for engineering projects like highways, urban roads, airports, docks, parking lots, and freight yards. It plays a leading role in the mechanical matching of asphalt pavement mechanized construction.

It is a mechanical equipment with relatively intensive electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology. Large-scale asphalt concrete mixing stations generally adopt forced mixing to ensure the mixing quality of asphalt mixture.

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The asphalt batch mix plant can be divided into two types according to the mixing method: batch type and continuous type. The batch type refers to the equipment mixing materials separately, while the continuous asphalt mixing plant uses a continuous method to carry out production activities.

Continuous asphalt mixing plant is currently widely used around the world, especially in North America, South America, France and other regions, accounting for a considerable market share. The asphalt drum mixing plant is a type of continuous asphalt mixing plant with a simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance. The production capacity range of the complete equipment is 20-60 tons/hour. It is divided into two types: mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant and stationary asphalt batching plant.

The Stationary asphalt batching plant has larger output and is suitable for the construction of expressways and high-grade highways, while mobile asphalt mixing plants come with their own tires, which is more convenient and suitable for the construction of low-grade highways.

The main tasks completed by the asphalt hot mixing plant are as follows: preliminary batching, heating and drying, screening and metering of aggregates; heating, conveying and metering of asphalt; conveying and metering of fillers; mixing aggregates, hot asphalt and the filler to obtain asphalt mixture.

There are seven or eight models of asphalt concrete mixing plants for each kind. The main step in pavement engineering construction is the production and paving of asphalt concrete. Improper selection of mixing equipment may make it difficult to control the entire project's duration, cost, and quality objectives.

Therefore, the selection of the asphalt mixing plant must be carefully considered by many parties. Whether the selection and configuration is reasonable will directly affect whether the project can be completed according to quality and quantity. Welcome to leave message below to inquire asphalt plant price.

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