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Why Does The Horizontal Cement Silo Become So Popular

Jan 25, 2024

The cement silo of the concrete batching plant is one of its key components. It is used to store and transport cement, fly ash and other raw materials. There are different kinds of cement silos: horizontal cement silo, vertical cement silo and bolted cement silo.

The horizontal cement silo for sale is is a new type of cement silo that adapts to the current environmental protection situation. It has a low vertical height and many legs, usually more than 6, which can avoid the trouble of making a foundation. This is why horizontal cement tanks are so popular.

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The installation of horizontal cement silos is relatively simple. There is no need to lay a foundation. As long as it is placed on a fixed ground surface without tilting and deformation due to gravity, horizontal cement silos are safer to a certain extent.

Horizontal cement silos and vertical cement silos have something in common. They are both sealed containers that can store cement, fly ash and other powders. Both need to be equipped with dust collectors and safety valves on the top. They have some identical accessories, such as safety valves, feeding tube, material level meter, etc. Both have the same functions.

Horizontal cement silos are the same as ordinary vertical cement tanks, including 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons and other cement tanks, and can provide double-sided designs and can be designed according to user needs.

The horizontal cement silo is a kind of portable cement silos. It is convenient to transport. The manufacturing of horizontal cement silos is simpler than that of vertical cement silos and requires less processing equipment. Since it is of low height, it can be placed in the workshop.

The traditional vertical cement silo is a cylindrical and conical type. Compared with the new horizontal cement silo, there are many differences. The horizontal cement silo has the advantages of no foundation, low height, concealment, and easy maintenance. It also has the disadvantages of high cost and large floor space. Vertical cement tanks occupy a small area and are low in cost. The biggest disadvantage is the height problem.

Due to the high height of vertical cement silos, basic work must be done well, and measures such as wind protection, rain protection, lightning protection, and electricity protection must be taken, which is especially inconvenient for equipment repair and maintenance.

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